The percentage for the investor5% - 2% - 1%
The percentage for the manager10% - 3% - 1.5%
Vending Worldwide LTD actively works to develop its own network and it offers franchising contracts in many regions and many countries. Therefore, we have created a Managers program.

If you have registered in Vending Worldwide LTD, so you become a manager (partner) and you get some benefits and advantages.

Became a manager, you get:
- possibility of obtaining high commissions
- personal business card on the Company’s website
- you don need more to find and invite partners. They find a right manager from their country. Contact you. They register themselves in Vending Worldwide LTD by clicking on your affiliate link.
if you want to be a manager,you should follow next steps:

Full name.


Telegram login.


E-mail address to contact


Language skills (for written communication)


Size of personal investment packages at the time of application must be more or equal to $300.


To have five active referrals in our first level. Total deposit of $3,000